Its been 1 year since Tom and Jerry animator Gene Deitch passed away

We all have seen and liked also, ‘Tom and Jerry’ animator movies, whose animator is Gene Deitch, that with his creative ideas made us laugh and really enjoy watching these animator movies.

But we have to say and mention Gene Deitch is a legend now. He passed away at age of 95 , we will never forget legends.

Even though he’s not with us anymore, we will still continue watching the ‘Tom and Jerry’ animator movies, and still remember the animator of these animated movies.

Deitch’s movie ‘Monro’ won an award, the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 1960.

He was born in August 8, 1924 , in Chicago, Deitch arrived in Prague, where he was planning to stay only 10 days, but fell in love with his future wife ,Zdenka and stayed in Czechoslovakian capital.

We will always remember him ,and we will not forget the animator Gene Deitch, we never forget legends.

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