5 things not to be said to girls during a conversation

While it is always a score to know all the right things that you should say to a girl, it is equally important to keep a note on what ‘not’ to say.

1. “You’re so attractive; I don’t understand how you’re still single.”
You lose all the brownie points that you have gathered in your conversation by saying this one line. Being single is a good thing. A pretty girl can be single out of choice – and if she hadn’t been, what were your chances with her? So if she is doing a fine job dealing with it, it is none of your concern in asking her how.



2. “Can you make a quick guess on how much money I make?”
A common misconception guys have regarding women who are beautiful and independent is that they are gold diggers. They only talk to men who talk the language of money. That is not entirely true. Try winning her heart with something more substantial than your bank account.

3. “My friends are always trying to hook up with me.”
Her immediate response would be ‘Did I ever ask you that?’ If you wish to make yourself more desirable then try being more honest with your girl. Tell her rather how you have always wished to know her in spite of having a number of girls who are friends.

4. “You just look like my mom!”
And the next thing you know she has blocked you forever from her life thinking you to be some creepy dude with an Oedipal complex. Women don’t like to be compared to their mother. You think that every woman needs to be complimented for being an embodiment of kindness, nurturance and a never-ending saga of love. Stop thinking that right away.

5. “So… your place or mine?”
Once she starts getting comfortable and opening up to you, you feel that you have nailed it. Now that she has started laughing, smiling and sharing snippets from her life, she is sending these green signals that she likes you. And she is definitely ready for ‘it’. Well, ask her this question and you’ll never see her ever again.

Good conversation is also like a form of art. You need to practice to perfect it. And once you keep in mind the necessary tips and get mastery over them, every attractive girl would want to have that cup of coffee with you.

Try winning her heart with something more substantial than your bank account.

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