After suffering for 10 years on the streets, dog with two legs is finally rescued

Amaze-Bobb lived 10 years of torturous neglect on the streets of Los Angeles. He was taken by animal control in January, and went to Synergy animal rescue in San Diego. The years of abuse had resulted in two of his legs being self-amputated due to extremely matted fur that cut off circulation. His teeth were rotten too and he only has 4 left.

My husband and I fostered Bobb after he was rescued by Synergy. We fell in love with him and his indomitable spirit. After moving out of state we made the adoption official at the end of June when Synergy director Carla flew with Bobb to bring him to us. Bobb joined our family of two Siberian Huskies and two cats.

An incredible rescue, the kind that changes lives completely! A dog with only two legs, after 10 years of suffering on the streets of Los Angeles, without receiving the slightest attention was rescued. Animal Control, in conjunction with a rescue organization in San Diego, managed to take care of him.

Unfortunately, when he was hit by a car, he injured both legs, which later had to be amputated, as he had a deep infection and the large number of knots in his hair limited his circulation.

They worked hard to cut his hair without hurting it, he had a lot of very tight knots

But his teeth were also in a chronic state, he had lost several teeth

Synergy (Synergy) is responsible for rescuing dogs with special needs in Southern California. Its motto is to take care of the forgotten, the blind, the sick, those who are about to die, rescuing them for life.

They have a great mission.
They sent an e-mail to a family informing them of Bobb, who had been rescued in terrible abandon and with knots in his hair that would have caused the amputation of both injured legs. Under normal conditions, his breed needs to cut his hair every 4-6 weeks, he has spent 10 whole years without doing this.

Regarding his legs, Bobb could not use any type of prosthesis because it would cause him a lot of pain. They are committed to providing you with the best quality of life possible. The left posterior knee is dislocated and he needs another surgery to study the possibility of using a prosthesis, although there is no guarantee that it will work, but only 25% probability would cause severe pain and therefore the family does not agree to subject him to this procedure. They are grateful to Dr. Dusty of OrthoPets for doing all the necessary studies on Bobb.

Bobb had to visit a professional hairdresser several times, who, with love and care, trimmed his nails and kept his hair in good condition around his face. Keeping her hair cut required several visits. Jaala, he was in charge of doing a great job and with a lot of patience.


It is a story that invites us to share a message of solidarity and hope! Send it to all your friends so they can see that all dogs deserve a second chance. We love happy endings.


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