Boyfriend of my best friend is cheating on her. How do I tell her?

Boyfriend of my best friend is cheating on her. How do I tell her?

Telling your best friend that her boyfriend is cheating on her is never an easy job. Cheating ruins lives. If your best friend is being cheating on by her boyfriend, you shouldn’t wait. You should be honest with your best friend. Don’t watch while they stay in a relationship that is based on lies and deception. Don’t just stand there.

Do something. Save your friend. You must save your best friend. It will ruin their lives if they end up marrying that person. A broken marriage hurts infinitely more than a broken relationship.

Be prepared to face a lot of anger at first; don’t take it personally. When we are in shock, our initial response is to deny the fact with rage. Anger slowly turns into tears, and the slow realization of the fact occurs. If your best friend is being cheated on, you need to be there for them. Spend time with them without their boyfriend. Make sure you’re in a comfortable space where your best friend can cry and scream, it’s essential to let them have their reaction, or it will stay stored inside them and keep growing within them. So start slow and tell them what you know. If you have proof, show it to them.

Don’t wait too long, either. If you delay the inevitable, it’s only going to hurt more. Your best friend may even stop talking to you if they find out you knew about it. So be true to your friends and tell them without sugar-coating it. Tell them everything you know, be their friend in this challenging time.

Your best friend needs you now more than ever. This is when she wants your shoulder to cry on. This is the time you need to show the full strength of your friendship. The love of friendship is so pure that it can brighten up the darkest moments.

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