Family welcomes dog victim of abuse for 5 years: ‘deserves to be happy’
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Family welcomes dog victim of abuse for 5 years: ‘deserves to be happy’

Family welcomes dog victim of abuse for 5 years: ‘deserves to be happy’

For most people, dogs are not only considered “pets”, but also our “family”. And they definitely deserve to be treated as such.

This dog, called Marley, would have done anything to be considered part of someone’s family, but instead, he was forced to live outside for five years. He was chained in someone’s yard without adequate water or food. The only thing he had to eat were some old treats, and the only way to quench his thirst was to drink dirty, green water from an old bucket.

Marley was like any other dog. He was energetic (even if he wasn’t able to exert her energy) and, at times, he got excited and barked, but his owner abused him and beat him whenever he showed that excitement.

Since Marley was a puppy, PETA has kept an eye on him. They took proper food and stayed close to pet and play with him – the only love he has ever felt.

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Eventually, PETA convinced the owner of Marley to give it to them. They took him back to the clinic, where they immediately started treating him for the words he had, and feeding him all the different foods to help regain his weight. It was important to get him back healthy so that he could be adopted.

Marley had been so neglected that literally the only word he understood was “no”. But now Marley has learned a lot of new things, like what it is like to run and be free, and what it is like to be bathed in love and to be cared for.

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Marley was adopted into a loving home, where he has a large yard to play with and a new puppy brother named Kyah to play with. He sleeps in a soft, comfortable bed and has all the toys and treats he could ever dream of. Marley may have had a horrible start to life, but now he is living the best life possible!

Watch the video below and learn a little more about Marley’s story:

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