Man Has A Glass Bottle Caught In His Rect* After Using It To Scratch His Backside

A MAN has had a seven-inch long glass bottle removed from his rectum after he inserted it into himself to “scratch his itchy backside”. The patient, from China, known only as Mr Wen, had to undergo urgent surgery to remove the hard object after it got stuck.
He went to Dongguan Hospital in southern China’s Guangdong Province after finding it hard to walk with the 5cm wide object lodged in his backside. And he told doctors he was trying to use the container to scratch his itchy rear when he said it slipped into his body “all of sudden”.
He was immediately examined by Dr Lin Jun, director of the Department of Colon and Rectal Surgery at the hospital.
And before long, Dr Lin detected a hard object lodged in his rectum about 5cm from his anus…

An X-ray check confirmed that the item was a bottle.

He was forced to have immediate surgery to extract the bottle from his bottom and the operation went smoothly.

It turned out that the bottle had been used to hold liquid used as a traditional Chinese mosquito repellent and itch soother.

He was discharged from hospital just hours after his operation on the same day.

figcaption>The bottle was used to hold liquid used as a Chinese bug spray

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