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The enigmatic Udumbara, the flower that grows every 3000 years, appears in Mexico

Most people love flowers, with good reason, since with their beautiful shapes and colors, in addition to their great variety of aromas, they can beautify any place and brighten people’s lives. Some of them have very unique characteristics and exotic beauty that captivates anyone; others may even become something totally out of the ordinary. This is the case of the udumbara mystique.

These little white flowers that measure around 3 millimeters and that have a filament thinner than a hair, appear on any surface such as steel, wood or concrete. They do not need water or soil and they never wilt, it is also a flower very resistant to hostile climates.

According to Buddhist scriptures, udumbara is described as a sacred flower that comes from the Buddha’s kingdoms and blooms every 3,000 years. Its name derives from Sanskrit and means “auspicious flower from heaven.”

In Huilin’s prophecies and their interpretations he mentions that: “The Flower of Udumbara is the product of a propitious and supernatural phenomenon; it is a heavenly flower and does not exist in the worldly world.

If a rulai (title of an enlightened being) or the King of the Golden Wheel comes down to the human world, this flower will appear due to its great virtue and blessings. ” This King is said to accept people of any culture and religion and save them with merciful grace.

Udumbara flowers can appear in the most unexpected places. (Credit: The Epoch Times)
For some time now, these enigmatic flowers have been reported to appear in different parts of the world. That is why some are now wondering if the arrival of the Holy King who Turns the Wheel rectifying the Fa (heavenly Law) in the world is near.

The enigmatic flower has also appeared in Mexico
A few months ago, in October 2017, Oswaldo Martínez found a group of udumbara flowers that appeared on one of the pillars of a palapa in Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, very close to Cancun, Mexico.

The little udumbaras, curiously, appeared just under a palapa in which a spiritual discipline of the Buddha School called Falun Dafa is practiced.

The small udumbara flowers appeared in Puerto Morelos. (Credit: The Epoch Times)
Falun Dafa is practiced in the palapa where the udumbara flowers were found. On Friday mornings, in this same palapa, practitioners of this ancient discipline meet and everyone who wants to come to learn these healthy exercises, since the practice of the exercises is free and free.

The four gentle exercises that are performed standing and sitting meditation, work with the energy of the body and are also complemented by a profound teaching that raises the moral standard of the human being, based on three fundamental principles: Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance.

(Credit: The Epoch Times)
Oswaldo Martínez, who is the volunteer in charge of the Falun Dafa practice site in Puerto Morelos, discovered the tiny flowers while trying to put up a sign to invite people to do the exercises.

It was a big surprise to him, and at first he wasn’t sure if they were really udumbara flowers, but he was finally able to convince himself that they were the legendary flowers.

Since then, the flowers have remained there showing their beauty, and Oswaldo expressed his astonishment, as even though several months have passed, they do not wilt.

Photo taken on October 6, 2017 in the palapa. (Credit: The Epoch Times)
Appearances were also reported at other sites in the Yucatan peninsula, such as Tulum and Mérida. Which can be considered by some as a good omen for that region.

Have you seen this wonderful flower somewhere? It will surely be a good omen and a good sign.


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