Top 5 Looks of Selena Gomez in Louis Vuitton

American pop music artist of Hollywood Selena Gomez has made her fans go crazy. So with her impeccable music tracks over the past few years. Selena is one of the most dazzling divas who started her career early.

As a child artiste with Wizards Of The Waverly Palace and ever since then, her stardom and fan following truly knew no limits.

The singer’s fashion sense is always on point. Be it her bold on-screen choices, her glamorous fashion avatars, or philanthropic ventures. So Selena always manages to keep her followers engaged. Selena has a beautiful smile and confidence on her face, which makes her even prettier and attractive. Selena always manages to stun her fans with a variety of diverse looks, be it on the red carpet, onscreen or an everyday look. Also, her versatile looks make everyone’s heart melt.

So today, we bring her top 5 hottest looks in Louis Vuitton. Check below!×770&lossy=1&strip=1&webp=1

Recently, Selena Gomez just released her new Spanish single “De Una Vez” which broke records after earning 22 million views in less than 48 hours. And now she’s sharing some of her favourite Latin music with fans.
Selena Gomez Release Puro Pop Playlist on Apple with Songs by Shakira, Maluma & More. The singer is taking over Apple Music’s Puro Pop Playlist. And listeners can expect to listen to some classic hits as well as more contemporary music.
“I think this new generation of Latin artists brings such passion and proves the staying power of Latin music,” Gomez told Apple Music about her playlist takeover. “I chose a few all-time classics and some new ones. So, it’s undeniable how it moves people — even if you don’t speak Spanish you can feel it.”

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