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Woman Finds Disabled Puppy Abandoned Under Car And Adopts Him

In her spare time, the American Angela Adan works as a volunteer, where she rescues homeless dogs, many of them victims of ill-treatment and almost unspeakable physical violence.

In the years of volunteering, she ended up getting used to seeing sad situations that move her heart.

Angela rarely cries for the dogs she rescues, as she wants to show a feeling of security for those she rescues. However, Freddy’s story

Mother and son rescued almost in his last breaths on an abandoned building receive 2nd chance to be happy
Freddy is a puppy that was found under a car, malnourished and with several health problems, including dental problems and a lack of epiglottis in his throat

This very important structure prevents fluid from entering the lungs.
But despite his huge medical bills and horrible past, Freddy was willing to live – even with his jaw and front leg deformity.

‘Sensitive’ pitbull recognizes people who need help and goes to them: ‘You know what we need’

Freddy’s mother told The Dodo that he taught her to enjoy life without restrictions – and to enjoy every moment.

Watch this great little warrior who overcomes his obstacles every day in the inspiring video below:

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