20-stone man loses weight becomes a model and joins Bollywood at 61

20-stone man loses weight becomes a model and joins Bollywood at 61

20-stone man loses weight becomes a model and joins Bollywood at 61

Indian man Dinesh Mohan was depressed and he found comfort in unhealthy, oily food, which saw his weight soar.

Just shy of 20 stone, Dinesh from Gurgaon, says he became ‘so fat’ that he could hardly move.

He developed a binge eating disorder and later suffered an attack on his motor functions that led to difficulties in movement and left him bedridden for almost a year.

But after being prompted by his family, Dinesh decided to ‘pull himself out’ and joined a gym in 2014.

He started working out regularly and changed his dietary habits which showed results and he lost almost half his body weight in just eight months.

Now 61 years old, Dinesh has had a complete makeover and become a model.

He’s even starred in two major Bollywood movies among film veterans such as Salman Khan, and had successful stints in Vogue and GQ magazines.

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BEFORE Dinesh Mohan, 61, from Gurgaon, India,
What Dinesh used to look like (Picture: Caters/Dinesh Mohan)
Dinesh explained: ‘I was suffering from depression because I was facing negative issues in my personal life. I took voluntary retirement in 2004 to focus on my life. Instead, I fell deeper into despair. I moved to my sister Mona’s house and lived with her and her husband.

‘But after I moved there, things completely went out of my hand. I realised my life had totally shattered and seeing everybody enjoying but here I was at the age of 44, financially broken and had no personal life. This feeling sat deeper and deeper that led to an eating disorder.’

So Dinesh began daily one-hour workouts which included 40 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of weight training.

He also did 50 push-ups every day and did some work on the dumbbell rods. Now a vegetarian, Dinesh also snacks on various different fruits and vegetables.


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