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Abandoned Puppy Is Found On The Road Taking Care Of 5 Kitten

It was not without reason that this story has gained the spotlight of social networks in recent days.

It is the story of Serenity, a little puppy just two years that was found on the edge of a road in Canada, taking care of five kittens.

The kittens were possibly abandoned on the roadside for a human and the puppies were destined to death, but found the Serenity protection their salvation.

When the rescue party reached the animals, the dog protected and warmed the puppies, a fact that moved both the team and all those who had contact with this story by posting on Facebook. With echoes of the post, many were ready to adopt both the dog as puppies. Since Serenity has been placed for adoption, while the kittens are being cared for and prepared for it.

“The team’s goal is always free shelter dogs to their homes permanent as soon as possible”, explained in the post.

It is in situations like this we realize the greatness of human contact with animals. In general, with them we learn to revisit our essences.

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