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Son Asks For Ronaldo’s Haircut, Dad Agrees But Gives Him The Sh*t One

With millions of us currently in isolation with no way to get to the hairdressers or barbers, it’s understandable that we might want to take the scissors (or clippers) to our own hair if we feel it’s getting out of hand. Or, you know, just out of pure boredom.

I’m not saying it’s a good idea, I’m just saying nobody would judge you for it because we’re all in the same boat. Unless – of course – you live with somebody who you trust to give you a decent ‘do, in which case I’d ask the obvious: why the hell aren’t you getting them to do it for you?

One young lad thought he could trust his dad to trim his hair for him, and so asked him to do so in the style of Cristiano Ronaldo. He even held a picture up for comparison and everything, so you’d expect him to be in good hands. Right?

Wrong. You can watch what happened next below:

Unfortunately for the young boy, his dad thought it would be absolutely hilarious to prank him and give him a completely different hairstyle to the one he wanted.

That’s right folks, instead of making him look like his footballing idol, the cruel dad instead replicated Ronaldo Nazario’s (more than) questionable 2002 World Cup hairstyle. In other words, he left him with a tiny patch of hair at the very front of his head.

In the video, which has since been shared by Chelsea’s assistant head coach Jody Morris, the football fan can be seen pointing to a photo of Cristiano Ronaldo and making it clear he wanted a haircut ‘like Ronaldo’.

It then cuts to after his hair cut, with the lad running away from the camera and branding his dad a ‘d*ckhead’ after he jokingly tells him: ‘There’s only one Ronaldo!’

Hopefully, the dad will have shaved the rest of his son’s hair off and it will grow back relatively quickly. Either way though, he definitely deserves some kind of compensation from his dad.

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