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US scientists will try to open a portal to a parallel universe

The Large Hadron Collider at CERN.Morton Lin

A team of researchers from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Tenesse, USA) believe that this year 2019 could, for the first time in human history, open a portal to a parallel dimension.

This was stated by team leader and physicist Leah Broussard to NBC. Scientists are making progress in building the equipment necessary to explain the anomalous results obtained by particle physicists in the 1990s, when they measured the time it took for neutron particles to decompose into protons once they were removed from the nucleus of an atom.

At that time, according to The Independent newspaper, scientists saw that neutrons were decomposing at different speeds, instead of at the same time, as they had expected.

To prove the existence of a parallel universe, the experiment they hope to carry out before the end of 2019 will consist of shooting through a 15-meter tunnel a beam of neutrons that will have to pass through a powerful magnet to reach an impenetrable wall. On the other side of it, a neutron detector will be installed which, under normal conditions, should not detect anything.

But, if instead it detects neutrons, the theory of these American physicists is that the launched neutrons would have crossed the wall oscillating in a mirror world, which would be the first proof in the history of the existence of a parallel dimension.

“It is very rare,” acknowledged Broussard, who said that to carry out this experiment they have used material and resources that they already had at Oak Ridge.

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