15 Hottest Female Twin Photos You’ve Ever Seen

15 most beautiful Twin Photos You’ve Ever Seen

15 Hottest Female Twin Photos You’ve Ever Seen

Beyond the appeal of having two hot women to look at instead of one, there are other things about a pair of fabulous twins our instincts absolute love

Artists have known it for centuries. There is something that is inherently beautiful about the female form. As such, most of us can appreciate an attractive woman even if we aren’t sexually interested in them. Of course, if you are into good looking women then your love for viewing them is multiplied tenfold. That is why it is so amazing when you see what appears to be more than one version of the same lovely lady, as you do when looking at twins that are appealing to the eye.

Beyond the appeal of having two alluring women to look at instead of one, there are other things about a pair of fabulous twins our instincts absolutely love. First off, it seems to double our chances since we can strike out with one of them while still having a chance with the other one, right? We know that probably isn’t true in the slightest and we’d be much more likely to have two women mad at us instead of one, but who cares, who wants to think logically about this kind of thing. There is also a common fantasy of somehow getting involved with both of them, which seems about as likely as winning the lottery but is still pretty delightful even if we may not want to admit it. Let’s face it, rationalizations aside, there is just something fantastic about an identical pair of bewitching beauties. It is that fact that most of us hold true which inspired us to put together this list of the nicest female twins you’ve ever seen.

We first want to make it clear that we did not limit ourselves to celebrities, partially because there aren’t that many famous sets of twins and also because we didn’t want to ignore so many options. As such, there are cases in which we can only assume that the women in question are twin sisters based on their looks but we may not know for one-hundred percent certainty. However, we can attest that we are extremely confident that everyone included here can accurately be described as twins. In the case of identifiable twins, however, they don’t have to be identical as long as they are fraternal twins. With that in mind, let’s get to the list.

Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen

Made famous due to starring in Full House as children, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen managed to become even more successful after the sitcom came to an end. Creating a business empire for themselves that included video series, movie appearances, merchandise, and above all else, a clothing line, they became moguls before being legal adults. That isn’t the only thing the world took note of prior to these two turning eighteen, however, as their potential to become beautiful women was clear. Growing up and becoming women that are fully capable of living up to those expectations when they want to, they may eschew the spotlight and dress down a lot but don’t let that fool you.


Liz And Julia Nolan

A pair of twenty-five-year-old twins born in Florida, these two caught the world’s attention when they were cast in the seventeenth season of America’s version of the “reality” show, Big Brother. Starting out their run on the show as one person, switching in and out in the diary room, the ruse was soon revealed and despite any potential for hard feelings, things went quite well. With Liz coming in second during the show’s final vote by a margin of six to three, they surprised a lot of people with their staying power. That said, you probably didn’t come here to read about Big Brother contestant performances so let’s get to the point of this article, these two blondes are positively dazzling. With fit bodies and pretty faces, as far as we can tell there doesn’t seem to be a flaw to be found in them.

Renee And Elisha Herbert

Twin sisters who became a sensation on social media, both of them have over three-hundred thousand followers on Instagram. While that may not seem that impressive in a world where celebrities have millions at their fingertips, you need to remember that these two had no big credits to their name that drove people there. Instead, it was simply their incredible looks that convinced droves of people to follow them which led to a famous agency, IMG Models, to sign them. Still quite youthful at only eighteen years of age at the time of this writing, considering they still have time to grow into their looks they seem ready and able to take the industry by storm. There is no telling where life will take these two next but we can say with all certainty there are many people who want to see more of them and we’re guessing if this is your introduction to them, you do too.

Bia And Branca Feres

While looking at a photo of these Brazilian twin sisters it may seem like they are making a killing as models too but believe it or not, that isn’t always their focus. Synchronized swimmers that are talented enough to have competed at the highest levels, they’ve seen action at both the 2007 Pan American Games and the 2008 Olympic Games. Still, you don’t look like that and not try your hand at making money on your appearance, which is why they have taken part in a series of photoshoots over the years. On top of that, Branca has worked as an actress in the past, including appearing in twenty-nine episodes of a show called Two Faces. Blessed with incredible bodies they’ve crafted over hours of training and radiant smiles, if these two walked into any room we were in it seems like time would stop as they walked by.

Sama And Haya Abu Khadra

Another set of twin sisters who became known for their Instagram accounts, which has more than three hundred fifty thousand followers currently, these two didn’t rest on their laurels. Also, professional models who were discovered at only fourteen years old, they are well-known for their immaculate taste in the clothing they wear. Finally, they have created an impressive career for themselves as DJs, something they were inspired to get into by their brother who also works in the industry. They were even tapped to put on a show for the celebrity crowd to get down to at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. In short, these two seem to have the Midas touch as everything they touch turns to gold for them. It certainly doesn’t hurt the prospect of their efforts that they look absolutely gorgeous and were definitely shoo-ins for a list like this.

Alicia And Annie Sorell

The internet has a long memory when it comes to beautiful women, which is especially true when there is something unique to them like being twins. As a result, Alicia and Annie Sorell have managed to go down in history in their own way despite never becoming known entities in any other manner. That is because these two played a small part in the movie Cruel Intentions 2, yet the moment stands out from the rest of the film because of them. Appearing in a shower scene with one another, they allowed the world to get a pretty great look at what they were working with and it was stupendous. A pair of buxom brunettes who clearly have it going on, now that you’re aware of them you’re sure to remember them too.

Debora And Denise Tubino

Due in large part to the fact that we don’t speak Portuguese, it has been quite difficult to find out much of anything about Debora and Denise Tubino. Appearing in the December 2012 issue of Playboy Brazil together, they clearly feel pretty free with their bodies around one another considering how up close and personal they got in the photoshoot. Still, aside from seeing the images of them from the magazine that made them a known entity in some circles, there didn’t seem to be much information to glean. Thankfully, that really doesn’t matter all that much when it comes to this list as all we care about is how good they look. In that regard, our research was a huge success. We say that because we can tell you with all confidence that there really aren’t very many sisters in the world that look this gorgeous, let alone twins.

Felisha And Fallon King

You may not remember the existence of a musical quartet that formed in 2003 called Cherish, which performed tracks that ranged from R&B to Soul or Hip Hop. We sure didn’t. Finding a measure of success with their album, Unappreciated, it even reached the fourth slot on the Billboard 200 in 2006, they were known for more than just their tunes. They also stood out because the group was comprised of four sisters, two of which, Felisha and Fallon King, were twins. Still active to this day, strangely enough, it is only the twins that remain a part of the act as the other two left, which seems odd due to their relationships to one another. Perhaps it had a little something to do with the fact that it seems impossible to share the spotlight with twin sisters with curves like that.

Kristina And Karissa Shannon

Former stars of a “reality” show that focused on Hugh Hefner’s home life with his many girlfriends, Kristina and Karissa Shannon appeared in the final season of The Girls Next Door. A pair of blondes that fit the stereotype of the type of women Hef coveted in a lot of ways, they were far from shy when it came to their bodies, as evidenced by their Playboy appearances. Known now for further appearances in lesser “reality” shows that have shown their struggles with substance abuse and plastic surgery that didn’t meet the standard they expected, they haven’t always looked their best. That is the only reason why they aren’t even higher on this list as in their prime, which they seem capable of getting back to at any time given the right circumstances, they are simply stunning.

Hailey And Sierra Partridge

These twins who lived in California at one time in their lives seem to live up to the perception of that city perfectly. Professional surfers, their profession requires them to be at one with the water and show patience and technique at the highest level. With a career that demands that they both craft their bodies into lean, mean athletic machines, it has helped turned the two of them into some of the most attractive women you’re likely to ever come across. In fact, when Brooklyn Decker was cast in the movie Just Go With It and her character was shown surfing, it was Sierra that stood in for her. Considering that they are twins and one of them was capable of taking the place of one of the most lusted after women alive, that really says all you need to know.

Camila And Mariana Davalos

There are a lot of ways to become famous these days. You can star in a movie, release popular music, appear in a “reality” show, become a YouTube star or a long list of other options. Still, the story of how Camila and Mariana Davalos came to prominence in America is awe-inspiring. The focus of a photo that was shared on the hugely popular website thechive.com, people were so attracted to them that there was virtually a headhunt going on. Fortunately for us, and you our beloved reader, their identity was soon discovered. Born in Kentucky, it seems they moved to Columbia and have been celebrated for their looks there ever since which allowed readers of The Chive in the know to let us in on their incredible bodies of work (get it).

Cynthia And Brittany Daniel

It is hard to believe that Cynthia and Brittany Daniel are in their early forties now but it is actually true. We say that for two reasons, one they still look every bit as beautiful as the first time we laid eyes on them and they came to prominence by playing teenagers on the show Sweet Valley High. They also appeared together in The Basketball Diaries but Cynthia decided to retire from acting in 1997. Brittany, on the other hand, is still going strong including a starring role in the show The Game as recently as 2015. The very definition of eye candy, the fact that they have both proven themselves to be talented in their chosen profession only serves to make them more outstanding.

Nikki And Brie Bella

A pair of WWE wrestlers who first interacted with the company by auditioning for The Diva Search, Nikki and Brie Bella spent years in the company serving as accompaniment for male stars only. Then it all changed when they left the company and came back with a rejuvenated interest in working in the ring. Eventually earning two runs with the Divas Championship a piece, there was a time where these two were the focus of the entire women’s division. Also known for starring in a pair of “reality” shows produced by the WWE, Total Divas and Total Bellas, their relationships with John Cena and Daniel Bryan have earned them a lot of attention too. That said, had they never even met the pair of world caliber wrestlers these two clearly could have turned a lot of heads with their looks alone. Easier to tell apart these days due to Nikki’s decision to enhance her chest, they may look different but they both are alluring.

Brandi And Brittany Kelly

The third and final set of twins on this list that have appeared in Playboy together, this time around Brandi and Brittany Kelly are all American. Only twenty-four years old, these two have turned their looks into a bit of a cottage industry for themselves. Between earning more than one-hundred-forty thousand followers on Instagram, appearing on TMZ due to rolling around on the beach together or the aforementioned Playboy spread, they are doing their thing. Fortunately for this list, their thing is showing off their exquisite bodies and we can’t get enough as you probably can’t either now.

Gisele And Patricia Bündchen

We can only imagine how it might feel to be the fraternal twin sister of Gisele Bündchen. The wife of football star Tom Brady, who is one of the most celebrated quarterbacks in the history of the game, she has done so well as a model that she has actually out-earned him in the past. Known for being a Victoria’s Secret Angel and appearing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, those two gigs may be the most coveted in the industry and she had no problem booking them. In short, she is a splendid beauty who looks good in anything she puts on or nothing at all. That would be a lot to live up to but Patricia Bündchen is no slouch in the looks department. In fact, in this photo she is actually the sexier of the two, which we have to admit is in part due to the look on Gisele’s face but Patricia is certainly holding her own.

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