Abandoned because of albinism, 16-year-old Chinese woman becomes a model and shines in Vogue Italy; see the pictures

The Chinese Xueli Abbing was abandoned on the doorstep of an orphanage by biological parents to have albinism .

In the country of Xueli, the genetic condition is seen as a curse . The albinism is to feature the complete or partial loss of melanin and leaves the person sensitive to sunlight.

In the orphanage, the girl was baptized with the name of Xueli – Xue means snow and Li, beautiful. Now 16, Xueli was adopted when she was 3 and gained a new life with her adoptive parents in the Netherlands.

Chinese model albinism
Photo: reproduction / Instagram @xueli_a
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“My mother said that there was no more perfect name for me, because she thought it was important to keep a reference to my Chinese roots,” she says.

With a unique beauty, it didn’t take long for Xueli to do her first job as a model. At the age of 11, she was asked to par

ticipate in a campaign called Perfect imperfections in Hong Kong.

Chinese model albinism assay plants
Photo: reproduction / Instagram @xueli_a
Vogue Italy
Since then, Xueli has not stopped modeling, leading campaigns by famous designers and stylists, and ending up in the pages of the June issue of Vogue Italy 2019 .

vogue albinism model essay italy
Photo: reproduction / Instagram @xueli_a
Xueli does not forget the past, but sees in modeling a means of raising awareness about albinism.

“In modeling, looking different is a blessing, not a curse , and it gives me a platform to raise awareness about albinism,” he said.

Chinese model albinism smiling fashion shoot
Photo: reproduction / Instagram @xueli_a
“I want to change the world. I want other children with albinism, or with any form of disability or difference, to know that they can do and be whatever they want ”, he concluded.

Beautiful and with an even more beautiful purpose! 😍

Source: BBC


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