Woman Dumped Boyfriend And Quit Job To Travel Across America In Van With Her Dog

One day, while scrolling through her Instagram feed, Sydney Ferbrache saw a picture of a girl in a van. Maybe it was fate, or just the algorithm, but it completely changed her life.

A 24-year-old woman decided to live her best life after breaking up with her boyfriend, so she ditched the 9-5, bought a van and now travels the US with her beloved dog.

Sydney Ferbrache, from Indianapolis, Indiana, was inspired to start her new life after seeing a picture of another girl travelling in a van.

Rather than living with envy, the young woman decided to do something about it, and asked her boyfriend at the time to join her on an adventure.

The couple were working ’70 to 80 hours a week’, with Sydney telling us they were both ‘totally miserable’, so they purchased an $18,000 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and spent thousands of dollars to make it fit for travelling.

I saw this picture and it took me down this black tunnel hole of van life. I was scrolling for hours a day on my laptop and in between homework and everything else, just looking at vans.

We bought one, had it shipped to Indianapolis, and that was the start of how I discovered van life.

Sydney and her boyfriend hit the road in September 2017, but the 24-year-old soon realised her partner wasn’t ‘the one’. The keen traveller wanted to ‘reach for the stars’, so she decided to go it alone.

The Indiana native decided to start afresh, and let her ex keep the van. Sydney then worked three jobs, as well as a ‘ton of side gigs,’ for two months in order to save up for transport of her very own.

By May 2018, Sydney had saved enough to purchase a $24,000 Ford Transit van. She renovated it, adding a full kitchen, a king-size bed and a toilet, and got ready to hit the road.

Just before she set off, however, she decided she needed one more thing to make her setup complete – a golden retriever puppy, named Ella.

The 24-year-old began her adventure earlier this year and has since travelled to 20 different states, including Montana, Utah, Arizona, California and Oregon, as well as Quebec in Canada.

She funds her travels through advertising and affiliate marketing on her website, and by helping people design their own blogs. Sydney shares her adventures through a podcast and on her Instagram page, Divine On The Road.

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Spent the last few days with basically no service hanging out at Yellowstone and then Grand Teton. It totally surpassed my expectations and the drive down to Salt Lake City was probably my favorite drive of all time. We only left because I needed to catch up on laundry, showers, and work but I’m already thinking of going back before it gets too cold! I think Grand Teton has got to be my new favorite park. I could’ve stayed there for weeks. I’ve also been amazed at how well this girl does with traveling. She LOVES everyone and is almost always the start to every conversation I’ve had. Anyways, what’s your favorite national park?! I’m curious if I should go to any more before heading west to San Diego. 👌🏼 Oh! Also I’ve been getting some questions about the free campsites I stay at and I always put every single campsite on my website! So you can find any of them there whenever you need em. ❤️

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Someone recently messaged me, “less dog, more van” and I’ve actually thought a lot about that lately. Not the comment but the concept. I’m supposed to be all van and van life and van builds. But the truth is that this van is merely my home and transportation. If it went away tomorrow, I’d be devastated but I would be okay. Sometimes I like thinking about if the van and this lifestyle wasn’t here, what would I be doing? But if Ella went away tomorrow… now that’s something I don’t even let cross my mind. My van is my home but my dog is my life. One gets me from point A to point B, but the other quite literally is my other half. I don’t mind sharing more van, but never ever expect less dog. In this photo, I hardly see past her. I watch Ella watching everything else. She’s my favorite view and the vans got nothing on her. _ In other news, the podcast is still in the works and I’m so sorry for the delay! It’s been submitted and I’m simply waiting on approval now from the various platforms. Still so excited to share all things van AND dog in this really fun, new way.

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This morning we went for a long walk through the neighborhood I grew up in. We walked down the court where I played kick ball with all the other kids, showed Ella the trailhead that leads to my secret hideout, and passed the park where I kissed my first love. My whole life I was so desperate to leave this place. I wanted to escape so badly and would dream of all the places I’d get to explore some day. But it’s funny now that I get to do exactly what I always dreamed of, I drive thousands of miles across the country to get back here. To see the place I deemed mundane and boring. To type this from the kitchen table where I ate breakfast every day before school and had to endure way too many “family talks”. Traveling for me is exciting, intoxicating, and constantly teaches me new things that I would probably never learn otherwise. But being home is familiar, comforting, and re-teaches me all the things I’ve already known but forgot somewhere along the way. – So many of us are desperate to escape. To get out there and leave it all behind. But I wish I would’ve seen this place for what it was all along. Don’t be like me and wait until you return to find the magic where you are now. There’s a kind of beauty in the boring that you won’t find in the excitement.

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